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How This Louisiana Lawyer Uses .Lawyer and .Attorney Domain Names to Attract New Clients

Attorney Clay Burgess had a problem that was keeping him up at night: he was spending $10,000 a month on online marketing and SEO consultants and was getting an impressive amount of website traffic. So what’s the problem? All of that money and all of that website traffic wasn’t bringing actual clients through his door. Even worse, his law firm’s business was struggling and he had to lay off some of his staff. 


Clay had purchased a few .lawyer and .attorney domain names and wanted to try them out to see if they’d help. His team of expensive consultants wouldn’t even entertain the idea. They told him it was a waste of money.


But Clay decided that trying his new domain names was better than spending money on a strategy that wasn’t working, so he decided not to renew his consulting contracts and instead try things on his own. 


Raising SEO ranking with .lawyer and .attorney domain names


In a Domain Name Wire podcast interview, he describes the process of building out simple websites WordPress using some of the domain names they bought. “We put them up with the attitude that we’re going to keep it basic, use best practices, and not try anything fancy, and they started ranking in the major search engines,” he says.


In a matter of months, his website started outranking for the search term “opelusas car accident attorney.” 

“My traditional .com site has all of the factors that you’d expect to help with ranking: hundreds and hundreds of pages, backlinks, time, domain name, good content…but my tremendously smaller sites with my new domain names start outranking my .com site, even though the same team was working on both. So we started building more and more sites and getting more and more traffic.” — Clay Burgess, attorney, Opelusas, LA 


Because the .attorney domain name reflected highly relevant keywords, it captured an audience looking for the exact service they provide. “We started to see an uptick in cases. Not [just] leads, but real cases,” Clay says.


Competing for clicks


The legal space, Clay learned, is highly competitive—and therefore, very expensive—when it comes to keyword ad buying. It’s a huge investment to buy ads that appear in Google search results when someone does a Google search using keywords, like “Philadelphia personal injury lawyer” or “tax attorney Houston.”


“Some of my competitors spend more than $1 million a month in traditional ad spend. One is spending about $50,000 per month on Google Ads. We’re only spending $2,000-$3,000. It’s extremely competitive. We believe we’re saving hundreds of thousands of dollars not jumping into the Google Adwords game.”

lawyer google adword spend

In addition to his thriving legal practice, Clay also partners with smaller law firms to help them grow more quickly using what he’s learned about domain names in his own practice. He urges firms to be highly strategic when choosing a URL. 


“In some industries people are looking for a cool brand name. I look for the most practical names you can get. Look for something high demand, high need, and use practical terms. If you choose something too fancy with too much fluff, you might like it but it’s not going to get you what you need.”


Clay stresses just how competitive the legal industry is when it comes to an online presence.  “Just like any other business, the giants are starting to rise to the top. If you want to stay in business you need to get lean and get some internet real estate.”

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