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Between lectures, projects, law review and all-nighters, why should you consider securing a .legal, .attorney, or .lawyer domain? 

There are a number of reasons that it pays to secure your domain name now—or cover all your bases with multiple domains. It’s a matter of thinking ahead to set yourself up for success once you’re ready to start taking clients. 


Start building a name for yourself now 

It’s not too early to get your name out there. In order to hit the ground running in the competitive legal field and begin building a strong online presence now. Start with a website showcasing your work and some of your projects using a domain name like .legal, .lawyer, or .attorney to convey your affiliation with the legal industry. When you know your specialty, using specific keywords in your domain name can help you start building SEO and set you apart when looking for opportunities after graduation.


Prospective clients often start with a Google search using words like the city or the type of lawyer they’re looking for. If your URL is something like or then when people see your website listed in their search results, it’ll be immediately clear that you’re a relevant choice. As a student, you have the unique opportunity to start experimenting with ways you can disrupt traditional law firms by leveraging new technology.


Here today, gone tomorrow: secure your ideal name 

Many legal professionals are registering .legal, .lawyer, and .attorney domains every day. If there’s a name that uses keywords that describe your desired region or specialty, chances are it won’t be available long. Even if you’re not established in the legal field yet, register the domains that best convey who you are and what you do before a competitor snatches them up. 


Once registered, you can use your new domain names to establish strong SEO and show that you’re more savvy than more established firms who are stuck in outdated ways. Whether you hold on to your name until you pass the bar exam or put your site to use showcasing your resume and student projects, securing a name now gives you options for the future. 


Take a tangible step toward a successful future practice 

Since your domain name(s) and website are a key part of positioning yourself online, this is the perfect time to explore and establish your online presence. Use the resources you have in school to create your identity, leveraging guidance and feedback from advisors, mentors, and professors. 


Domain registration is a tangible step toward establishing your unique place in a competitive field. Choose your domain early and start building your online presence now, giving future clients an easy path to your door.


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